Welcome to Day 2 of the 10-Day Intuitive Reset! We’re going to dig into our work together by considering a really radical idea: what if you were right this minute fully capable of accessing your own intuition?

We live in a world in which our ideas about intuition keep it misunderstood and hard to access: It’s a rare gift, but it’s also unreliable. It’s a foolproof way to make a decision, but also a sign of weakness in those that rely on it. We tell the stories of how intuition saved us or shaped our lives in powerful ways, but then we immediately discount those same stories by saying, “The weirdest thing happened to me…..” or “I had the freakiest most bizarre experience last week”.

One of the amazing things about working with people all across the globe and from all walks of life, for as long as I’ve been doing it, is getting to see that actually intuition is our most natural resource. So, simply because you are alive today and reading this, you actually have everything you need to tap into your own intuition.

Each day of the Reset I’m going to ask you to consider some new ideas and give you one or two daily assignments to help get them more deeply into your bones. Think of these daily exercises as thought experiments or journaling exercises, whichever works best for you. You can also bookend your day by taking one pass through the exercises in the morning, thinking about them during the day, and then journaling on the topic at night.

Claiming My Seat: What would it be like to assume you are naturally intuitive? Could you release the idea that only special people are intuitive, or that intuition is a rare gift bestowed upon the very few? Consider these questions and notice how you feel about this new idea.

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