Learn to listen

Intuition speaks at different

volumes, starting with a whisper

and rising to a shout.

Intuition is our most natural resource. Unfortunately, for many of us it’s also neglected and unused. When we live in a world that regards intuition as rare, unreliable, and even dangerous, we can’t help but develop defenses that suppress it. And even worse—it takes a lot more energy to silence that still, strong voice inside you than it does to let it speak! The good news is that your gut will continue to raise the volume until you listen.

The Difference Between

“Developing” Your Intuition

And Embracing It.

Over the course of my career, I’ve heard story after story from people who discovered their intuition when alarm bells rang—suddenly it arrived fully formed and woke them up from a deep sleep. The thing these stories have in common? Once you can identify it, your intuition just needs the freedom to roam. With a bit of education, patience and practice, your own inner wisdom will soon be available to you whenever you need it. Intuition is irrepressible, and when we learn how to harness it, we can become the best version of ourselves.



Intuition isn’t something that only a small group of special people experience. Everyone is intuitive. Learning to live intuitively is a skill like many others, and mastery depends upon how willing we are to throw off the common myths and misconceptions about intuition that we absorb from the larger culture around us.


What if becoming connected to our intuition was a heck of a lot easier than we thought? What if receiving intuitive guidance was something that regular people did every day? The more open-minded and welcoming you can stand to be as you consider these new ideas, the more generous your intuition will be with you!