Do you ever notice that we spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we already know?

Figure It Out Mode is that headspace that keeps us stuck on a mental loop over and over again, whirring, whirring, whirring. Trying to get answers from a line of reasoning that is arbitrary and judgemental. Ego-based mind chatter kicks in when we are unwilling or unable to listen to what our intuition is telling us. We rarely feel peaceful for long even if we think we’ve found answers. Left unchecked, it is the root cause of so much round-the-clock misery (I’m looking at you, insomnia).

Some might argue that the resultant stress from trying to figure stuff out is worse than the actual stuff we’re trying to figure out.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of brains. I’m not advocating abandoning facts, reasoning, education, or common sense. However, I am concerned about our nasty cultural habit of using our logical minds to the exclusion of our intuition. Only in a culture which supports the idea that intuition is rare, unreliable and dangerous would you see so many of us damaged by the illusion that we can and should master our circumstances using reason exclusively.

Think about it, when was the last time you used your intuition as anything but a last resort?

Intuition and logic are not enemies, but we rarely give them a chance to work together as equals. They are naturally complementary, but we have allowed our logical minds to get away with acting like jerks in the problem-solving department for quite a while.

Can you imagine your poor intuition, having to show up for work day after day competing with that kind of co-worker? The one who’s sure they’re always right, and that their way of doing things is the best process for results? Who implies that if you were just a little smarter, they wouldn’t have to explain themselves all the time? You know the type–never curious and a horrible listener? Too stupid to know how ignorant they are, yet they sleep just fine while you’re keeping yourself up at night wondering if you’re the dumb one.


I speak out about our cultural beliefs about intuition because the first step for anyone wanting to live intuitively is realizing that we all live in a particular environment that believes intuition is something to be afraid of. And this fear affects all of us.

But within that context, there are also personal reasons why we get stuck in Figure It Out Mode. Today I’m starting a new blog series addressing some of the most common ones. The unhealed parts of ourselves are going to create additional static, so it’s important to look at those as well.

Because how amazing is it when you finally became brave enough to listen to your intuition and commit to live that way, but then receive messages you can’t quite hear or understand? Ones that sound like the equivalent of your favorite song on the radio when you’re just outside the broadcast area? Fuzzy?

Not amazing at all. It’s actually the opposite of that, it’s horrible.

And that’s not okay. I want you to have full access to your intuition. Not just the freedom that comes from acknowledging that it exists, but I want you to actually be able to use it. Once you see that it’s your most natural resource, the next step is to look at what might be pushing you out of range.

The biggest issues that keep us unable to pick up an accurate signal are worry, codependency, unresolved grief, magical thinking, overinvestment, and materialism.

Stay tuned as I take them on, one by one!


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