If you’ve been following my Instagram account, you might know that especially in the spring, I go a little crazy over flowers. I call it getting flower drunk. Drunk on their beauty, their fragrance, their abundance.

I just love flowers. Love, love, LOVE them. Yes indeed, I do love the flowers.

“But Susan,” you might ask, “Flowers are cool and everything but I thought this was a 7-day Intuitive Recharge. Why are we talking about flowers? What do they even have to do with intuition?”

I’m happy to answer that! The reason we’re talking about flowers is because of joy. Flowers might not do it for you, your happies might come from something else. But the things and people and places and activities that light you up also fuel your intuition!

We need joy in our lives. We need to feel saturated with it, full and ripe with love and approval for ourselves. Your intuition’s job is to help you get there, but you have the power to intentionally cultivate joy in your life. And it’s one of the best ways I know to make that intuitive voice strong. And loud.

So let’s get flower drunk. Or beach drunk. Or live music drunk. Or ukelele drunk. Or grandchildren drunk. Or World Federation Wrestling drunk. Or _____________ (your happy here). Whatever it is, start early in the morning. You’ll thank me. So will your liver.

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