“Hey, Susan, it’s all well and good that I’m grooving along here trusting my intuition but what if my spouse or partner doesn’t believe what I’m seeing or feeling?”

This is a really important question. And it depends on a couple of things.

First off, I’m just going to leave this here: whether they are a friend, relative, or spouse, anyone that has ever had my heart has also had my back. It is not always easy to be involved with an intuitive, but the most successful relationships I have are with people who not only love me but are also open-minded and curious. They might not understand why or how I’m getting the information I’m getting, but they believe and trust me. And even if they make decisions entirely differently than I do, I not only have a seat at the table, my sense of things is warmly welcomed and encouraged.

Intuition is designed to promote partnership and cooperation because it comes from a spiritual belief in the highest good for the greatest number. So in most cases, we are not the only beneficiaries of what our gut is telling us. And making good decisions together is a team effort that involves the multiple talents of everyone involved.

The same good manners that apply to all other things in mutually supportive relationships also apply to the use of one’s intuition, so make sure you’re not using this issue to promote a power struggle. It helps if you have permission to share your insights, either generally or on a per case basis. My wonderful boyfriend has always asked me respectfully about anything he doesn’t understand. As a matter of fact, he told me right away when we started seeing each other that I had permission to look “under the hood” and (actually now that I think about it I probably need to clarify with him exactly what he meant by that ha ha HA).

Seriously though, if you are trying to get close to someone who is derisive, scornful, or even highly skeptical of intuition in general (or your intuition specifically) and it’s important for you to feel heard and respected in your relationship, it is going to be challenging for you.

This is a big topic obviously, but the most important thing to remember is that it’s hard enough to trust ourselves in this culture. Why would we want to spend energy and time convincing others to trust us as well?

If you have stories about how your partnerships have been impacted by your intuition, feel free to share them below!

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