Do you feel a sense that you’re meant for something MORE?

​Does an inner knowing tug at you that you are not fully utilizing your unique gifts?

​Are you seeking clarity and the confidence to take action in your one precious life?

​If so, this virtual workshop is for you! Join us for an intuitive journey to tap into your career purpose and potential.

​Together, we will:

​🔮 Explore why we perceive uncertainty and changes as threats, not portals
🔮 Question assumptions holding you back through insightful writing exercises
🔮 Learn simple rituals for accessing intuition and inner wisdom whenever you feel doubt
🔮 Discuss pathways to move from confusion to curiosity when plans unravel
🔮 Gain tools to begin building resilience in the face of the unknown

​What to expect:

​🌀 60 minutes of intuitive learning, journaling, and sharing, followed by an optional 30 minutes of Q&A and further exploration
🌀 Wisdom and teaching from a master intuitive guide
🌀 Journaling time for self-reflection and tuning into your intuition
🌀 Small group breakouts to share what you’ve uncovered
🌀 A judgment-free atmosphere to get curious and inspired

​You’ll leave feeling inspired, with a new perspective and customizable practices to continue connecting to your creative inner compass.

​About your hosts:

​Susan Gorman is an intuitive counselor with over three decades of experience working with individuals to help them tune into their inner knowing. A master teacher and guide, Susan has the ability to see the real you from a higher perspective. By sharing her gifts, she helps her clients gain fresh perspectives on situations in their lives and helps them trust what is already within them.

​Roz Duffy is a creativity coach and facilitator who followed several threads to arrive in Susan’s inbox in 2020 (what a year that was!). Since then, Susan has been her counselor, guide, and teacher, helping her tune into and trust her intuition, leading to exponential creative growth!


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