This next series explores the question, can we trust our intuition no matter what? Even if we’re swimming in stormy waters? Life never stops being life, that seems to be a constant. And we happen to find ourselves crossroads continually, our personal challenges layered with cultural, communal, and civilization wide strife. So what do we do? Is it actually possible to be ok when everything is uncertain?
Yes. It is! And it starts with the grounding and nurturing energy that comes with something basic: giving ourselves permission to believe in ourselves. And we’re going to look at what needs to happen within to experience an unconditional trust in our intuition.
The Master Class is designed for those who want a safe space to practice this exact thing, and includes education, discussion, meditation, and lots and lots of thought exercises. It’s a 90-minute group over 8 Monday evenings, and each session focuses on a specific topic essential to a deeper understanding of what intuition is really about.
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