Month: May 2019

Another Origin Story

I wish you all could have watched Avengers: Endgame with me. Next to me was a hulking young man in his 20’s (no pun intended but a happy accident nonetheless). He was openly crying during the last twenty minutes. His companion just kept handing him napkins from the concession bar to wipe his eyes. Such… Read more »


person holding blank index card

Recently I was invited to speak at the Seacoast Wellness Summit, which brought local wellness professionals and enthusiasts together to make connections and tackle some of the less talked about issues within our community. The summit opened with a panel discussion on the lack of inclusivity in the larger wellness community, especially with regard to… Read more »


Use the Force, Intuition

There’s this thing I love to do to my kids. I love giving them cards for their birthdays and holidays with the silliest kinds of puns in them like, “It’s your birthday, go nuts!” and then I inscribe them with an explanation of the pun. “Get it? It’s got a drawing of a peanut on… Read more »