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Part Three: Zen Disney

Happy Already In The Happiest Place On Earth My friend Chris loves Disneyland. Loves, loves LOVES Disneyland. He’s the kind of still-in-love with Disneyland that makes it even more magical to be there with him. Ask him what was the best job he ever had and he’ll tell you about taking a job bartending at the Disneyland… Read more »

Part Two: Bloom County

What was the Buddha laughing at anyway? There is nothing in this world more precious than a well-timed fart joke. Let me quickly tell you why lest I anger the deities of high comedy with my impudence. On July 13th of this year, in the midst of my husband’s final days, as he began the… Read more »

Part One: Steve Carell

Whom I met at the hospital during my husband’s last stay. Well, “met” is stretching it a little. I realize that when celebrities or public figures actually have to conduct the business of their lives, by you know, leaving the privacy of their homes and doing stuff, the interface becomes a little awkward. There isn’t… Read more »