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Day 10: Partners For Life

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I’m going to end our 10-Day Intuitive Reset with a story about a turning point in my own understanding of my intuition and how to partner with it. It’s a story about how I came to realize that in order to really foster my intuition, I was going to have to trust it unconditionally. Even… Read more »

Day 9: You Have More Than One Chance

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If we don’t receive, understand or accept a message from our still small voice at first, it will repeat itself into our lives, louder and louder until we get it. It starts with a whisper and if that’s all it takes, fabulous! But since Life can get complicated and since we are prone to be… Read more »

Day 8: It’s Always Good News

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One of the major blockages to a free and easy relationship with our intuition is the fear that by relying on it, we will be exposed to a lot of bad news. This attitude is pervasive and makes me so sad. Occasionally a client ends their session by confessing at the end of their session… Read more »

Day 7: Intuition Lives In Our Bodies

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“Listen to your heart”. “I had a gut feeling about it”. “Every time I’m around this person I get a headache”. “The hair on the back of my neck stood straight up”. These phrases are familiar to us because in the absence of a common cultural language about intuition (see: marginalization, above), the body can… Read more »

Day 6: Intuition is Always Listening

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Learning how to listen to our intuition is vitally important, but did you know your intuition is always listening to you too? Wouldn’t you like to know the things it’s observing about you? Getting curious about the repository of insight and guidance that your intuition collects on your behalf is one of the ways we… Read more »

Day 5: Take Good Care of Yourself Part 2.

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Now For Some Baby Steps: No matter what stage of life you’re in, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the exercise from yesterday. That’s because there’s always something we are called to tend to in our lives. Remember that nobody’s life is free from challenges. Responding to ourselves as if we are worthy of… Read more »

Day 4: Take Good Care of Yourself Part 1.

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Today I’m going to encourage you to pay attention to areas in which you might be stretched too thin. You do not have to eliminate all the stress from your life in order for your intuition to flourish, you simply have to believe that good self-care is a worthy priority, and you have to be… Read more »

Day 3: Notice, Notice, Notice

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Today we’re going to notice how intuition is marginalized in our world. Yesterday I pointed out that conflicting ideas about intuition make it hard to access. It also keeps it at a distance. This has a direct effect on your ability to catch the threads of intuitive messages you’re receiving all the time. Beliefs about… Read more »

Day 2: You’ve Got This!

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Welcome to Day 2 of the 10-Day Intuitive Reset! We’re going to dig into our work together by considering a really radical idea: what if you were right this minute fully capable of accessing your own intuition? We live in a world in which our ideas about intuition keep it misunderstood and hard to access:… Read more »

Welcome to the 10-Day Intuitive Reset!

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Happy New Year, Friends! By now, I’m hoping you’ve ditched your New Year’s Resolutions like a pair of shoes that hurt. Even if you tried really hard to keep wearing them. Even if you paid what now seems like too much for them, rationalizing they would make you happy because you got compliments on them,… Read more »