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Use the Force, Intuition

There’s this thing I love to do to my kids. I love giving them cards for their birthdays and holidays with the silliest kinds of puns in them like, “It’s your birthday, go nuts!” and then I inscribe them with an explanation of the pun. “Get it? It’s got a drawing of a peanut on… Read more »

One More Grocery Store Story

Because I Forgot The Most Important One of All. Friends, I hang my head in shame at the thought that I neglected to tell you the most important grocery store story (so far). Maybe you are not as lucky as I am to have a devoted friend who is willing to harass — sorry —… Read more »

The Grocery Store Stories

Your Intuition Wants to Help You With Everything. At some point in our lives, maybe more than once, we are going to find ourselves stuck smack dab at a crossroads. Should I marry this person? Have another child? Move? Or we become overwhelmed by loss and can’t find our way. A loved one has died or left,… Read more »

Afraid of Bad News? You Don’t Have To Be.

Gather round, all my psychic chicks and chicklets! Today we’re going to address one of the biggest sources of anxiety people have about consulting an intuitive: the fear of bad news. In order to get past this fear and enjoy your session, here’s what you need to know: I do not give people bad news…. Read more »

Five Things You’re Doing Right Now That Silence Your Inner Voice

Ready to Boldly Go? Every day I work with people who either don’t believe they are intuitive or admit they are but have an exceedingly hard time trusting it. I feel such a deep tenderness towards my clients who are on this learning curve. We’re all trying to access our inner voice in a society that… Read more »

Want to Be More Intuitive? Eat More Chocolate.

I am an unabashed lover of chocolate. I believe it is proof we are meant to be happy. I believe it is good for you like all things in moderation. Or maybe even in slightly more than moderation. I’m thinking of an amount that would be considered the high end of moderate, but you know, still within… Read more »

Are you on Team Trust or Team Doubt?

My clients are some of the bravest people in the world. They are brave not only for their willingness to share their lives with me but also for showing up in my office in the first place. It’s no small thing. We live in a culture that almost universally marginalizes intuition. So it takes practice… Read more »

“Psychic” or “Intuitive” — Who Would Win In a Celebrity Cage Match?

The purpose of life is to create meaning with a joyful heart. Like all of us, I am frequently asked, “So what do you do?”. It’s one of those “social connector” phrases like, “Have a nice day,” or “How’s your day going today, Hon?”or “Sup!”. When we’re motivated by friendliness we employ customary ways of reaching… Read more »