Author: Mariah Morgan

Valentine’s Day Was Always Mine

Today is Valentine’s Day. I’ve had a truly lovely day today. But then again, I always do. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday and has been for as long as I can remember. I’ve been in love with Valentine’s Day ever since grade school when my classmates and I were initiated into the ritual of… Read more »

Did The Buddha Ever Have To Watch His Language?

So much for my resolution to stop lobbing f-bombs. This piece is for Phyllis Ring, whose superpower is kindness. She’s crazy good at it. There is a point in my husband’s memorial service I think about often. I’ve just arrived at the podium to give his eulogy. My feet — I can’t figure out where to… Read more »

Part One: Steve Carell

Whom I met at the hospital during my husband’s last stay. Well, “met” is stretching it a little. I realize that when celebrities or public figures actually have to conduct the business of their lives, by you know, leaving the privacy of their homes and doing stuff, the interface becomes a little awkward. There isn’t… Read more »