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Susan Gorman Testimonials

Susan has given me guidance for the past 25 years. She has always been insightful, positive, thoughtful and provided direction that I never considered. As time passes I have looked back at my notes from our sessions and realized she has been extremely accurate.

Susan has helped me to look back at the times in my life where my path veered in the wrong direction because I didn’t pay attention to the voice inside me.  I was also taught to recognize and appreciate my own guides. I would recommend Susan to anyone seeking guidance (the sessions are just as life changing… Read more »

Susan is my go-to whenever I feel stuck in my life.  As a gifted intuitive, she provides perspectives that help me better understand my circumstances and my self.  And, as someone who is also a skilled counselor and advisor, she offers concrete guidance that gently directs me toward a healthier path.  Working with Susan is like fusing talk… Read more »

The impact Susan has had on me in the nearly 17 years I’ve known and worked with her is immeasurable. Hardly a week passes that I’m not either thinking about something she’s told me or telling someone else things she has said. In addition to the many things she has told me which have come to fruition,… Read more »

Susan has taught me so much over the years we have worked together. How to look inward for answers. How to recognize when I need to stand up for myself. How to create boundaries, and stand firm for them. How to trust my intuition and find peace and clarity in my decisions. We have worked together… Read more »

In learning to trust my intuition, I’ve managed to avoid a few speeding tickets. Because my intuition told me to slow down – sure enough, a cop was nearby and then tagged someone else! I’ve also learned to trust my instincts. When a heavy decision needs to be made, I let my subconscious work on it… Read more »

Susan came into my life over five years ago when I went to her for a private consultation. I never expected the relationship and the experience to have developed to the place that it has today. Susan is an extraordinary woman in so many ways, and her role in my life has become that of a trusted confidant,… Read more »

Encapsulating what Susan has done for me and my family in anything less than a novel does not represent the full amazingness that she has imparted. I have received tremendous time saving, money saving, and sanity saving guidance in nearly every area of my life from the expected (finances, men), the unusual (dog food), and everything in… Read more »

My intuitive work with Susan has been top notch. I appreciate how grounded she is and how grounded I feel after working with her.

If you’re thinking of working with Susan Gorman during a time of doubt, you can count on her to be skillful, grounded and bring a no-nonsense approach to any matter at hand. She’ll illuminate pitfalls and provide validating insights (for your life) that are dead-on.